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Science of Frozen

Farther. Faster. Stronger. Harder.

Study after study after study have demonstrated the powerful effects of cooling your body’s core temperature before, during and after athletic activity.

It’s the science on which PowerICE was created, and it’s the science by which PowerICE has become the leading electrolyte ice bar for athletes of all ages and abilities.  It's Frozen Fuel.

We like to call it the Science of Frozen. Here’s how and why it works:


Your body is a sophisticated performance machine that operates at its maximum potential when ideal conditions exist. Rising temperatures, both external and internal, lead to muscle fatigue and dehydration, which in turn diminish your ability to perform.

The concept of cooling isn’t new to many elite endurance athletes. But who wants to wear an ice vest or sit in an ice tub? Besides being unpleasant, those methods are tedious and cool the body from the outside in. Eating PowerICE cools from the inside out, a more effective — and enjoyable — way of lowering your core body temperature before, during and after athletic performance.  

Here is a recent published research article where it is stated in the summary that "theris growing evidence to suggest that ingesting ice slurry is an effective and practical strategy to prevent excessive rise of body cortemperaturand improve endurance performance."


PowerICE Before

You did all the right things. You followed the training plan, got a good night's sleep before the big event and even forced down a banana or bowl of oatmeal or whatever your pre-competition breakfast of choice might be. powerice-before.jpg

Now, in those moments before your athletic activity, is the time for PowerICE.

By simply enjoying a PowerICE frozen electrolyte bar, you're decreasing your body's internal temperature, thereby increasing the amount of time and exertion you can put forth before reaching that critical threshold where fatigue and dehydration set in and put a cramp on your performance. 

PowerICE is more effective than simply drinking cold water or sports beverages, as discovered by researchers at the School of Exercise, Biomedical and Health Sciences at Edith Cowan University. Their study determined that athletes who ate "ice slurry" such as PowerICE were able to run longer than those who simply drank cold water.  

A similar study in New Zealand came to the same conclusion — athletes who ate an ice slurry, or slushie, before running could run 19 percent longer than those who simply drank a cold beverage. The New York Times covered it as well.  


Studies also have shown positive results for cyclists. According to the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, eating crushed ice prior to activity was effective in improving 40-kilometer cycling time trial performance by 6.5 percent compared to drinking water at room temperature.

A similar study done at the Australian Institute of Sport in Belconnen found that pre-cooling with ice slurries, like PowerICE, had the same improved results as pre-cooling in an ice bath. The study called ice slurries or slushies “practical and effective.”  

PowerICE During 

The same benefit derived from PowerICE before your athletic activity makes it the ideal choice for lowering core body temperature and maximizing performance during an activity. But PowerICE does more than cool.

powerice-during.jpgYou already know how important it is to consume carbohydrates and electrolytes during exercise. Keeping your body fueled with the right nutrients is essential. 

The American Council on Exercise recommends a sports hydration product like PowerICE that includes both carbohydrates and electrolytes for exercise sessions lasting longer than 60 minutes. Sodium consumption is important as well, because it helps the body absorb and retain fluids and utilize carbohydrates. Replacing specific amounts of sodium during exercise is even more important when exercise lasts longer than 2 hours.

PowerICE is made only with all-natural ingredients. It has 100% of the daily value of vitamin C and no high-fructose corn syrup. With electrolytes and 8 grams of carbohydrates, PowerICE is a 30-calorie ice bar that packs a punch for athletes in the form of Frozen Fuel.

PowerICE After

For as much care and attention we give our bodies before and after exercise, we tend to forget about them when it comes time for recovery. 

Experts agree that cooling the body’s core temperature and replacing important fluids lost through sweat are critical to a quick recovery — and a quick return to the field, trail, track, court or whatever your arena of choice may be. 


The electrolytes, carbohydrates and sodium in PowerICE, along with its frozen temperature, make it the perfect way to cool and refuel.

Again, we take our cues from science. 

A study done at the Centre of Excellence for Applied Sport Science Research at the Queensland Academy of Sport in Australia found that “the ingestion of an ice-slush product during recovery from exercise in hot and humid conditions is a practical and effective method for cooling athletes following exercise.”

Cooling? Check. 

Hydrating? Check.

All-natural? Check. 

Delicious? Check. 

PowerICE is a great recovery tool for athletes of all ages and abilities. Runners, cyclists, triathletes and players of all sports have all turned to PowerICE to refuel. Keeping it frozen for the duration of events, keep tightly packed in a hardsided cooler by itself.  Adding ice to the cooler only speeds the melting process of PowerICE, why, because electrolyte water freezes at a colder temperature than regular water.  If you wish, add dry ice to the top of cooler, but not always necessary.   Need it frozen quickly?  Best to place in your freezer in a thin layer, touching the sides or bottom of your freezer.  


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