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Every year, thousands of athletes — from the professional ranks on down to youth sports participants — fall victim to dehydration and heat-related illnesses. And in the most tragic cases, athletes lose their lives to heat stroke, the most serious and potentially fatal form of heat-related illness.

But every incident of dehydration and heat-related illness is preventable, and it begins with awareness and preparation on the part of athletes, coaches, trainers and parents.

PowerICE frozen electrolyte bars play a key role in keeping athletes hydrated and their core body temperatures in check during athletic activity, particularly in the heat of summer and early fall.

The body’s natural ability to regulate its temperature is what keeps us healthy and cool even during extreme activity. Sometimes, because of extremely high air temperatures and humidity, for example, the body’s natural responses such as sweating aren’t enough to keep our internal temperature down.

pi-core-temp-2014.jpgStaying hydrated begins before athletic activity begins and continues throughout the exercise. Importantly, hydration must also persist once you are done with your activity. The electrolytes in each PowerICE bar help the body replenish essential nutrients like sodium and potassium. And its frozen state means each PowerICE bar can actually lower your core body temperature, keeping you cool before, during and after your activity.

Study after study has demonstrated the improved athletic performance that results from pre-cooling with ice slurries like PowerICE. Read more about the Science of Frozen.