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"Hot weather running essentials ... Think Otter Pops for athletes. Slurp one of these two-ounce sports-drink slushies before your next run ..."

— "Summer Buyer's Guide: The Best Gear of 2014"

 "We have used PowerICE for 2 years now.  We only had 1 kid cramp in the first game of the season both years.  We love the product.  Helps us get work done during the early part of the season when we are going 2 a days also...Basically we have eliminated cramps."

-Coach Randy Dreiling Head Football Coach

"PowerICE, a cross between a hydration drink and a popsicle, might just be the perfect summer nutrition product for athletes."

 "This Summer's Greatest Hydration Product"



"PowerICE is available in every department at the Yampa Valley Medical Center, where it is quickly replacing the ubiquitous ice pops nibbled by patients coming out of anesthesia or restricted to liquid diets."

"PowerICE aims to change hydration and nutrition biz"



"I'm not a fan of all the ingredients in most sports drinks, so PowerICE was a pleasant surprise. The bars were light and filling without being syrupy sweet and without the long list of unpronounceable ingredients. 

"After trying PowerICE bars I've decided they're going to be my new go-to for post-workout hydration!"

PowerICE review



"The roster of athletes who’ve signed onto the PowerICE team include Steamboat’s own Todd Lodwick, Ironman triathlete Heather Gollnick, former baseball player Roberto Clemente Jr. and others who run the gamut of sports.

"But to peg PowerICE as strictly for athletes would be to sell the company’s ambitions short."

"PowerICE has large ambitions for its hydrating ice bar"


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