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The Recovery Power of our ICE Pops W/ Electrolytes


Instead of falling victim to heat-related illnesses during your long and competitive competitions, you should take a drink w/ electrolytes to give you that extra boost you need. Instead of becoming one of the thousands of athletes that fail at what they try to attempt each year, you should be the one of the few that don’t. Since most athletes end up losing their energy and sometimes even their lives to heat stroke, this is something that is very serious! The tragedy in which an athlete loses their life is something that shouldn’t happen, not when there are products like ours. Keeping the body cool throughout long races is something that has to happen, period.

PowerICE has many beneficial features, such as:

  1. We have developed four different all-natural flavors that are all delicious
  2. It helps to enhance the patient experience
  3. It provides some of the most essential nutrients the body needs to recover quicker from both small and large medical procedures
  4. It is a liquid diet that tastes really good
  5. It is free of both gluten and caffeine
  6. It has no high-fructose corn syrup within it
  7. Its key component is that it provides essential hydration
  8. It provides 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C
  9. It provides recovering bodies with all the electrolytes they need to thrive
  10. It is a much better alternative to tasteless ice chips and sugar-laden artificialness

Our beloved frozen bars w/ electrolytes have become a huge hit for recovering patients all over the world. We’ve developed them with health in mind and we get nothing back but extremely positive responses. 

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