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The Reasons for Frozen Electrolyte Replacements


Finding a suitable frozen electrolyte replacement can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. There are so many “fakes” and “knock-offs” out there, it’s hard to truly understand what’s real from what’s not real. This confusion was one of the original inceptions to our idea for a true replacement. Plus, the fact that we ourselves couldn't find one that suited our passions for exploratory endeavors and races really made us mad. We wanted to make something that it was all-natural and provided the electrolytes that true sports’ competitors would find to be appealing and useful on many levels.

These were some of the problems we witnessed with athletes that struggled to find the energy 2/3rds the way through their competition:

  • They would start overheating and it would make their bodies use more of its electrolytes than were needed
  • The sweating and perspiration that happens from hot environments and atmospheres makes the loss of electrolytes all the more volatile and increasingly populated
  • The intense actions that are made from participants in order to reach that “1 spot” withdrew even more electrolytes from the human body, as they were actions that weren’t normally taken
  • The diminishment of internal energies through excruciating pain, which leads to the reduction of electrolytes as well
  • The lapse of energy that occurs throughout several phases of their competitive acts, which additionally depletes the electrolytes and energy throughout their competition

Understanding the elements in which the human body needs to survive long distance and time consuming competitions is exactly what we have done with our product! 


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