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​Sport Camp Hydration, Empowered: PowerICE


There’s a new level of power to be obtained, and it is ready for you to take it. PowerICE, one of the most perfectly adapted rehydrants you’ve yet seen has outfitted itself for sport camp hydration and beyond. When we go to rehydrate and refuel, turning to a glass of ice water is fine, but it won’t fulfill the need to electrolytes as much as it ought.

We at PowerICE offer something more refreshing and something more effective, so that you are ready to get back to work and play more perfectly than previously possible. Frozen electrolyte replacement is the way of the sporting future, and PowerICE is at the top of the heap. With our veritable bounty of products, there are a number of options for your consideration.

What kind of athlete are you? An Orange Blast man? A Pomegranate Rasberry Rip lady? Lime Kicker and Grape Scores' more your thing? We have the electrolytes you need, and we have the flavors that make them a pleasure to consume. If further enticement was necessary, PowerICE products are currently on a special sales offer (all orders over $30 are granted free shipping).

Work still needs doing, the body still needs fueling, and you’re still raring to go. What do you need to get your through your session? PowerICE knows, and PowerICE provides.

Whether you’re helping kids get in the game, or you’re showing the world how it’s done, PowerICE empowers. 

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