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PowerICE goes au naturale!


Here at PowerICE, we've always been about healthy hydration and elite performance. That's why we're so thrilled that our frozen electrolyte bars are now made with 100% all-natural ingredients!

"Our primary customers are moms looking for healthy but tasty treats for the kids and performance sports enthusiasts, both of whom are very concerned about what they and their families are ingesting," said Blair McNamara, our director of sales and marketing. 

"With no high-fructose corn syrup and only 30 calories and 8 grams of sugar per bar, PowerICE has always been a healthy way to rehydrate. Now we've found a way to eliminate a chemical preservative that's been holding us back (under FDA rules) from calling PowerICE all natural.

"This change allows us to sell to natural food stores and exhibit at March's ExpoWest, the largest all-natural foods trade show in the U.S."

Another reason we're so thrilled to be all natural? The health care industry is catching on to PowerICE's potential as a delicious and healthy hydration alternative to boring ice chips and sugar-laden Jell-O and popsicles. Using only all-natural ingredients is an obvious fit!

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