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Frozen Sports Hydration that'll Surpass your Expectations


We have put countless hours of research, study, analysis, and implementations into our sports hydration. They are power-packed with the right amount of beneficial nutrients and electrolytes in order to achieve maximum efficiency levels for people involved in hardcore workouts and races. The science behind our drinks has been proven to be more than effective when compared to other drinks. The reason why our drink is far more beneficial is because our ICE Pops provides results that keep the body cool before, during, and after heavy races. Keeping the body cool is one of the dominant necessities in regards to going long distances and keeping up a high level of production.

The powerful effects of having a sports hydration ICE Pop within your body is something that can prove to be the very thing needed to make it past the finish line in front of your competition. The science behind our sports hydration drinks is something to be marveled at. We love to refer to it as “the science of frozen.” Our highly experienced scientists developed our drink with temperature regulation as a priority. During PowerICE’s development, we knew that a cooled body is in need of electrolyte infusions throughout a race. It’s this understanding and emphasis throughout PowerICE’s creation in which we made the magic happen.

We want you to become the best at what you do throughout a race, no matter what type of race it may be. Our sports hydration will give you everything you’ll need to surpass the high expectations you have for yourself, and then some! We've laid out all the science behind our drinks on our website, so just scroll through and you'll see all of the details you wish to see! 

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