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Cold, Raw, Power: Frozen Electrolyte Replacement


Sports drinks are fine, and sipping on powdered mixes work, but they don’t carry the refreshing, rejuvenating potency that you find in PowerICE. After a hard practice, run, game, or work out, you need cool refreshment, and PowerICE provides. Electrolytes are important: they are the charge that we need to compete, they are the energy that keeps us invigorated during hard activities, and they are necessary for us to achieve physical goals. While chugging water or sports drinks are helpful, they fill and can even overextend the stomach with liquid to replenish the necessary electrolytes. PowerICE makes competing easier because it gives you the boost you need in a flavorful, cool burst of electrolytes.

High school football player Kolbe Hockel described them as, “Otter-Pops for serious athletes,” and said that he would prefer them before and after practices. PowerICE is particularly helpful as sports camp hydration; kids work hard and play hard in the heat, and keeping them properly hydrated is hard when there are sugary sodas and juice boxes dehydrating them more than offering them the electrolytes they need. To their eyes, PowerICE is a veritable treat—a reward for hard efforts on the field, the kids manage feel rewarded for their efforts and refuel with the all-natural nutrients that they need. It is the perfect, Frozen Electrolyte Replacement.

So let’s break it down:

  • -PowerICE is full of electrolytes and will keep you ready to compete
  • -PowerICE is cold and refreshing, perfect for when you work hard
  • -PowerICE appeals to serious athletes and to kids because of what’s in it and what it is

PowerICE. It’s what you need. 

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